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Beyond Design, Inc.
Art Casting
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Theater & Film
Theater & Film

We produce many parts and components for Broadway shows and other theatrical events. Our broad range of plastics fabrication capabilities allow both the designer and the set fabricator a wide range of options and combinations.

We can provide on site application services for any of our products or can produce parts, components, or surface applications at most any point in a set production sequence.

We are happy to assist an in-house staff with our specialized capabilities doing only the work required to support and assist in the production process.For many projects, we come to the customer’s location and spray foam on a prepared substrate and then the scenic artists carve in the detail.

We then return to hardcoat the set with RIMspray and the Scenic crew completes the painting and finishing process.Our Hard coats can be applied in colors and textures for various effects, scratch resistanceand fire rating.


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