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composites & Concretes

We work with both fiberglass (glass fiber reinforced polyester) and with reinforced epoxies to produce structural composites for a variety of applications. These can be thin (1/16” to ¼” thick) shell components or integrated into a foam cored panel to create the intended object or component. These systems can be done as a lay-up or spray-up in a mold, as a surface coating on a shaped core, or formed over a plug to create the shape of the finished form. These systems can be used for the production of very durable parts and pieces for both indoor and outdoor use. These materials are available in various fire-rated formulations. Fibrous reinforcements include glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and various hybrid fabrics.

Concrete materials are cast or sprayed in Portland or gypsum material formulations. Most cementitious mixtures are either sprayed or cast. Some polymer modified gypsums can be laid up like fiberglass and make an excellent fiberglass substitute for many applications with greater fire resistance and lower environmental impact. We modify both gypsum and Portland mixtures with polymer binders and a variety of fibers that dramatically increase strength and other properties. Sprayed applications are for surfaces, panel skins and in hollow molds. Poured applications are for statuary and other cast objects. A huge variety of formulation properties are available.

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