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Beyond Design, Inc.
Art Casting
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molds & Moldmaking
Beyond Design Inc. works with urethane and silicone mold making systems, with molding processes and with equipment to process the related chemicals. Our experience extends from cast objects, to composites sprayed into open molds, to Rotocasting and the related mold making technologies that are required.

There are three basic ways that we can make molds and many different mold rubbers that can be utilized, depending upon the overall project's needs. Molds can be open poured, poured within a pre-made shell, or open sprayed/brushed up.

Most open poured molds are for flat surfaces or for smaller objects where the cost of making the shell exceeds the cost of the additional mold rubber used. We make many flat molds for the production of surfaces that are used in scenery and themed environments.

These molds are either used flat or can be curved to produce a variety of molded surfaces. This system is applicable for most urethanes and silicones.

Molds that are poured into a pre-made shell can be used to make a mold of almost any object. We have made very complex molds requiring 10 to 15 parts that inter-connect to accurately reproduce an object.

Shells are made from reinforced plaster, fiberglass or sprayed urethane plastic. The addition of sprayed urethane foam and additional layers of plastic creating a structural composite can further strengthen the reinforced polyester and the urethane shells. These are used when the cast object will be later filled with urethane foam and the shell will need to withstand the related pressures.

Sprayed and brush up molds can be flat or of a complex shape. Silicone elastomers are the primary sprayed and brushed up materials and they are processed with simple machines. Spraying is generally used for larger molds or for applications where the adhesive qualities are advantageous. Spraying a 3/8" layer on a complex object and then covering it with either reinforced polyester or a rigid urethane plastic can generate considerable savings in both time and money in the right application.

Beyond Design Inc. has also made several molds with semi-flexible plastic shells integrated into the rubber mold itself. These can be very practical for the production of large flat flexible surfaces or for rigid surfaces where the shape needs to be changed during the course of the production run.

We can produce molded parts from a large variety of systems and deliver finished parts on schedule. We can design and produce molds and systems for production and train your personnel to run the production.

If you already have in-house mold making, we can supplement your capacity, bring new systems, technology or techniques to your business. We custom-build equipment to support our systems and this capability is available to our customers.
example photos
Open Poured
Henry IV (for Lincoln Center)
beam1 beam2
Poured in a Pre-Made Shell
Garden Art
Apple iPod Popcorn (for Constructive Display)  
Jeep Liberty Rocks (for Scenic PRG)  
Potowatomi Casino Tree Molds  
Brush Up
Coast of Utopia Horses (for Lincoln Center)  
Apple iPod Snowmen (for Constructive Display)  

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