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Beyond Design, Inc.
Art Casting
Molds & Moldmaking
Composites & Concretes
Other Capabilities & Services

About Beyond Design

About Us
From Concept to Object

Beyond Design provides specialized services to artists, designers, architects and contractors in the field of plastics fabrication.  Beyond Design can reproduce original art in a large variety of plastic and cementitious materials. Mold making, rotocasting, spray foam and RIMspray hard coat all provide the necessary components for complete project development and production. Our recently added 3D modeling and CNC router capabilities can assist a designer with the transition from concept to finished product, work of art, building component or prop. With the addition of LuminOre, we can produce metallic finished objects of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a crystal clear sculpture, a rotocast dinosaur filled with foam, an epoxy composite building component, or a foam cored, carbon fiber epoxy stressed skin panel, Beyond Design can provide the services and production capability required. We work in many markets and pursue interesting and challenging projects.

Who We Are
We are an ever evolving company with a primary focus on plastics applications. We research, develop and apply foams, elastomers and composites of all types. We see these materials as the materials everything will be made from in the future, and look forward to vegetable based plastics as the world finally turns from oil. We can create or reproduce almost anything. Our ability to produce structural composites, imbed steel structure in foam cored castings, apply LuminOre and a variety of other coatings, and spray or mold cement materials, among many other capabilities, gives us a broad range. From a decorative surface to a structural building component, Beyond Design can help a designer make the translation from thought to a physical object. Architectural elements, Displays, Theater props, Art and Product applications are all constructed with our amazing range of material and production technologies. Take a look at the top of the page and you can see an overview of the areas we are working in.


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