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Beyond Design, Inc.
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History of Beyond Design

About Us
From Spray Foam
to Computer-assisted Fabrication of Composites

While studying Architecture and building construction, Bill Klopping was introduced to sprayed urethane foam in 1970. Foamation Incorporated was formed in 1971 to pursue everything that could be done with spray foam, especially freeform building construction.

This business grew as an insulation contractor working in both the private and public sectors, completing projects for major corporations, state and federal agencies, and all branches of the military.  The early focus of the business was the insulation of controlled atmosphere, refrigerated storage buildings and later projects including large scale spray foam roofing.

Projects were completed in the US, Europe, the USSR and in Taiwan. Specialized coatings were also offered and in 1982, we installed the glass fiber reinforced cement / acrylic roofing system on the Geodesic, House of the Future for the World Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In 1981, Therma-Froth Systems created an isocyanurate based, cavity wall insulation system. This product allowed the insulation of existing cavity wall construction with a high “R” foam and was widely specified in the public and military markets. This product was also used to produce foam cored window closure panels used in energy conservation projects for public schools and government buildings.

Beyond Design Inc. was formed in 1995 with the goal of providing sprayed foam and coating to the theater and display markets. In addition, the production of molded surfaces and objects became part of the product mix. Over the years, many products and processes have added to our collective capability. We have evolved relationships with many supplier R&D departments because of the demanding requirements of many projects.

Our current work is heading back toward the Architectural markets and pre-fabricated construction, this time bringing everything we have learned in the theater and display markets with us.


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