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Beyond Design, Inc.
Art Casting
Molds & Moldmaking
Composites & Concretes
Other Capabilities & Services


Beyond Design Inc. is re-directing our primary business focus toward the Architectural market. The goal is to bring our experience with plastics, composites and foams back into the construction markets where we started over 30 years ago. Foam houses, geodesic domes and stressed skin panels were all very experimental in those early days but today, we have the materials and techniques to make these dreams reality. In addition, our experience with theater, displays and themed environments can offer an Architect materials and processes not generally available in the construction trades.

We are working to produce structural insulated panels (SIPS) and other foam cored composites with poured in place versions of our water blown, EARTHANE product. This class 1, non CFC, urethane foam can be sprayed or poured in a wide variety of shapes, forms and configurations, adding structure, insulation and adhesion to a large variety of sheet goods and formed plastics. With additional embedment of steel structural components, these panels can become fully integrated building components, doors, walls, roof sections or almost any desired form. We are interested in the development of kit built buildings with all parts shop built and field assembled producing highly complete and finished structures. Architects interested in the pursuit of these technologies and capabilities are welcome to participate.

If an Architect looks at everything we do for all of the artistic markets we service, imagination begs for application in the Architectural field. From signage to theming, to reproduction- and for the creation of that almost-impossible-to-build element, our range of products and capabilities excels.

We have 25 years of work experience in the construction insulation business prior to the creation of Beyond Design; with experience on projects from individual homes, public schools, government buildings and international projects.This provides the experience to help the Architect and Engineer integrate these exciting capabilities into the construction process.

Samples, specifications and technical support are provided in house and in conjunction with our suppliers.We can contract, sub-contract or supply building components and materials to in-place contractors. We also provide support for public bid.


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