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Beyond Design, Inc.
Little Shop of Horrors - Road Show
Audrey Head
Little Shop of Horrors
Audrey Head
For this project we created a new, super lightweight lower jaw for the Audrey puppet. The original jaw weighed a little over 50 pounds and was constructed with a carbon fiber, epoxy composite and various additional structural reinforcements to repair breakage that had occurred during the Broadway run.
The original Audrey was built with a carbon fiber epoxy composite about 3/16’ thick; this Audrey was designed and built by Jim Henson’s people. During the course of the Broadway run, it suffered many breaks, repairs and attempts to reduce its weight. For this version of the road show, the Little Shop production company wanted its design modified, weight reduced, and strength increased.
We stripped the original Audrey lower jaw to the molded surface, made several modifications requested by the designers, and made a new silicone mold in 5 parts.We chose to create a foam-core, carbon fiber / epoxy composite. This double curved, stressed skin construction provided the strength needed and the weight reduction requested.